“Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts.” – Wendell Berry

This has been a week of moving slowly forward by fits and starts, with unfinished business as the main underlying theme. I bought some hibiscus flowers in the market with the full intention of making tons of jelly, but never got around to actually making it. I started weaning my 2-year-old, but kept nursing her at night. I started writing blog posts, but then abandoned them, half-finished. I guess there are days – weeks – like that sometimes, where we catch a cold, get distracted, take on unexpected projects.

My main project has been writing grants for IMAP. I did this a lot during my first years in Guatemala (more about this here), and stepped back when my second child was born. I’m ever grateful for learning the basics through my work at Royal Roads University, back in the day. I’ve learned quite a bit over the past few years, and while I can tell my grant-writing skills have improved considerably,  my enthusiasm for doing that kind of unpaid work has decreased in equal measure. It is what it is.

This past week I was also caught a bit off guard by the effects of weaning – namely, headaches and low energy. Coffee helped! I’m including a picture of coffee from our own harvest, hand-roasted to our liking. Soooo good. I’ve been settling in my most comfortable chair, coffee in hand, and reading Concepción and the Baby Brokersa book of short stories about Guatemala. I quite like it so far. The first story was about the baby stealing and adoption scandal, as seen through the eyes of the Indigenous birth mother, the adoptive American mother, and the maid who stole the baby. A good read. A bit sad, though. I think I need to find something lighter to read after I’m done this one!

Amid all of this jingle-jangle disjointed week, a special moment emerged, as they often do. Unbeckoned and magical. While attempting to clean out my closet (another unfinished task, my goodness!), I found a music box I’d had as a child. I opened it up and the little ballerina started twirling right on cue, spinning to a gentle, somewhat sad classical song. I tried to find out the name of it, but no luck. Someone else posted a video of the exact same music box on Youtube. Anyone know what this song is called? Anyway, Mia was completely enthralled by it. She sat there cranking the little wheel in the back and listening to the song over and over. Of course, right now it’s sitting in the living room, forgotten, but I’m sure it will make a comeback! In the meantime, the little ballerina is resting her head, holding out for a dreary kind of day, waiting for just the right moment to spin her magic.


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  1. Lisa Poushinsky June 14, 2018 at 3:51 pm - Reply

    My music box played the Swan Lake theme, but if yours is the same as the link you posted, it’s “Where Do I Begin” from LOVE STORY. My favourite version is by Shirley Bassey, remixed . To be enjoyed with good coffee..

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